May 4th, netizens puliao, campus network on its home page embedded iframe, disguised on third party template DDOS station, the purpose is to produce HTTP connection in order to achieve a large amount of traffic impact of the domain name. But the school network said it was disinformation, It is sheer fiction..


source said, today log in on campus network home page will find the sidebar below a iframe (Figure 1), the address is ("dead" station. The Pinyin?) can directly access the page can view the source code, in addition to writing "Take Care visible" (outside as shown in Figure 2), JavaScript is used three times to generate a main address for the "" image (Figure 3), the aim of the course is to produce HTTP connection in order to achieve high flow to access the domain name (the impact station in general use virtual host, traffic restrictions will soon be depleted).

In addition, the person who broke the news also said that the current is not accessible, the specific reasons I do not know

. It can be predicted that once the school network will in the script name to the access to, the page will generate huge traffic to the X3 access number will be to bring no small trouble to visit the station. is a collection of Web site home page template. How to regulate the user’s custom template has been a headache for such providers thing, the famous event before the mandatory reduction of sina code contains violations of the blog. The campus network has long plagued by illegal custom code, so just out of this decision. But the campus network, the campus network has never been what the official template station, with those of the campus network and campus network Never mind completely, does not provide a model version of the original page, all users are the same, the user through the graffiti board function to write code to beautify the page. Campus network also revealed that the school is currently testing a new internal function, providing all kinds of ready-made landscaping template selection.


figure 1


figure 2


figure 3


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view: [map] station hang iframe yanmianjinshi station disguised attack palliatives


PS. attack code has been removed, and now access that gaosizhan.jsp is already 404


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