The relationship between the

network and the incubator, like the relationship between the artist and the brokerage firm as subtle.


source: Vision China

Do you think

network with red traffic? No, there is also the network red hand: network red incubator.

July 11th, Papi sauce in the eight live broadcast platform to complete her first show. The new era of "red first person" not surprisingly attracted 20 million fans to accompany her to eat supper. However, most of the red and not so lucky Papi sauce.

net red has become more and more like water appeared in the major broadcast platform. Earlier media reports, a network of red standard team is at least ten people, including a fashion director, three designers, two assistants, a makeup artist, two camera, a new media operation, a year down the need to invest at least 1 million yuan of cost. If you can not quickly realized, will soon be abandoned capital.

is different from network red individual fate is in "Red Net economy" on the air, a number of new network red incubators have their or the transition from the traditional generation operating company, or is being, or is there a set of their own supply chain system. The common point is that these red incubator plays a role different from the traditional brokerage company, has become the object of capital chasing.

1 honey and Su Yao’s electricity supplier

in addition to promotional picture, a word of the most common network red Yao honey circle of friends is "tired": "one day in May 7th, took 12 hours to photograph, a little too tired, put two new change for a new"; in June 22nd, 2 in the morning, "finally finished all the pictures, thank you hard, do not make money really red net".

even so tired, just for the contract’s electricity supplier four months Su Yao Mimi, still not to earn what money. Yao honey honey micro-blog fans only 390 thousand, she clearly knows that he is still new.

"I’m not particularly red, so I can’t choose the hottest red company. If you are in a large company, I am definitely in the end, what resources and development will not have. Here, the competition is not so fierce." The mention of her cooperation with Ti Su, Yao honey explained to reporters interface.

in fact, Su’s electricity supplier has the top three companies in the industry incubator. Su’s electricity supplier in Hangzhou, where from the Alibaba, nearly reticulocyte number, the garment industry supply chain developed, gathered a group of red incubator company network.

May 2016, the establishment of three years of Soviet’s electricity supplier to complete the B round of financing, enlight invested 30 million yuan to obtain 6% stake in the company’s Hangzhou jiangsu. This means that the electricity supplier’s su valuation has reached 500 million yuan. Ti CEO Su Shi Jie said, in an interview with reporters of news interface 2016, Su Ti business turnover is expected to reach 1 billion 500 million -20 yuan.

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