NetEase Francisco December 6th 1:50 news, closing the BT download search engine "BT China alliance" 4 in the afternoon, Huang Xiwei accepted an exclusive interview with the NetEase chief technology of his mind, he said I insist on the last day, "the relevant departments day notice closed, I closed".

4 pm began to provide Chinese BT download resources search service BT China alliance can not visit. 6 am, the science and technology of NetEase contacted the webmaster Huang Xiwei, he accepted an exclusive interview with NetEase technology, sharing the story behind the site was closed.

for the following interview summary:

NetEase Technology: it’s Saturday today, but I’m sure you’re busy.

Huang Xiwei: Yes, my cell phone and QQ are going to explode.

NetEase science and technology: just download the station (VeryCD station) said to call you, you are on the QQ, then you must be okay, not the rumors of being detained.

Huang Xiwei: This is really caught people fainted. No one asked me, I went straight to the news.

NetEase Technology: now BT China alliance can not access, in the end why?

Huang Xiwei: we do not have SARFT’s audiovisual services license, I learned that the SARFT to the Ministry of the letter, so the cancellation of our website record number. Website no record number can not provide services.

NetEase Technology: when did it begin to close?

Huang Xiwei: on Friday (4 May) received the cancellation of the message, the afternoon of the closed. I just want to insist on, until the relevant departments informed which day off, I will pass.

NetEase Technology: will it open? Many users are very concerned about.

Huang Xiwei: there is no such plan. Tired, rest or.

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