finished the first one, the past few days have been thinking about how to write second articles, mind filtered over the relevant content, in the end, I chose to write the site’s pre planning. (mainly the first subject was big, the second how to write that cop-out, oh! In addition, because I participated in the design of the rice network directory, so part of my example to rice unification network as an example

site planning is the foundation of the site, only to ensure that the foundation, the site is likely to continue to develop, I am planning from five perspectives:

1, directory planning

2, backup plan

3, update plan

4, programming design

5, web style planning (because I do not understand the program, the web page art is also poor students, the two part I just write about my idea)

a directory planning


said to forget the search engine, but careful, directory planning is actually the most important kind of SEO optimization, so to speak, in fact, just SEO site structure is reasonable to design the best. Back to the topic, the role of directory planning on the site:

directory planning itself influence on the user does not exist, for web site managers have great influence, especially the company’s website, now the flow of talent IT circle soon, today’s programmers may be leaving tomorrow, so there must be a directory planning, let the new programmers understand the site as soon as possible, but also can avoid the future site the directory may appear bloated, too many useless files of.

when it comes to the structure of the directory, here have to mention the generation of static pages, dynamic program, often most of the dynamic page files are in the root directory, simply do not consider the directory problem. From the long-term development of the site, it is necessary to generate static pages. Seems to mention the SEO, but the static page is not just for the search engine.

static page hand need not through the procedure call database, speed, faster than the dynamic ", during a visit to the small quantity is not obvious, for the long-term development of the website, suggested to generate static pages well. In addition, if the site managers change procedures, such as the now ASP gradually withdraw from sight, website managers to upgrade the website become the program, if the use of dynamic web page, after the upgrade, the original address will become invalid address, and the website in the development process there will be many pages are some users to favorites in, or links to other sites, procedural changes will cause the site to lose a large number of users. The use of static pages will not be such a problem, each page or the original address, and even the user may not know the site source changes. Web site can be translated into a new program without risk.

of course, if you have enough server resources, you can also consider using the URL redirect worker (at the bottom of the page): (there is a serious SEO tendency)

for example

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