Admin5 06 months 29, according to 17tech news: Guangzhou police announced on twenty-eight, after two months of treatment of yellow web action, the local police were shut down sixty-five illegal websites, deal with the fifty-one suspects, the police claimed that the use of mobile phone pornographic and other harmful information dissemination has become a new mode of crime, the police will increase the relevant aspects of the crackdown.

According to reports, in mid June, Guangzhou police received reports from the public, said a mobile phone website X palm network has a large number of suspected pornographic novels. The police immediately launched an online survey, and soon mastered the site’s release, dissemination of pornographic novels evidence, and to identify the site operating units for the Guangzhou XX Online Network Technology Co., ltd.. Police found in the survey, the site has a number of pornographic novels, and gambling games.

June 21st, the police carried out the action, according to the law summoned a number of people involved, and the scene seized five computers and web servers involved. Involved in the subsequent account of the company in the course of its business, the online search of pornographic novels and other bad information on the site for users to browse and download the facts. Police have been in accordance with the law has been involved in administrative detention.

Guangzhou police cracked a mobile phone can download pornographic game case, police received clues, check the mobile phone website "three X portal", "mobile phone games" column provides a number of pornographic game download service. The police investigation found that the case, the police immediately ordered the site to carry out rectification comprehensive and thorough, delete the site all pornographic information, according to the law of the company shall be fined fifteen thousand yuan, and two directly responsible for administrative detention.

Guangzhou police said, the Internet is not outside the law, any organizations and individuals in the online dissemination, copying, browsing pornographic information are illegal, the police will carry out criminal acts against the use of mobile phone and Internet dissemination of pornographic resolutely combat.


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