daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) reporter yesterday received the business bid, Groupon, Fantong website, 58 group purchase group purchase rice and vegetable roll etc. existing long time business loan default behavior. Some buy site even extended the contract period next year. The collapse of news group purchase website capital chain tension and frequently heard, let s businesses always on tenterhooks.

a Beijing restaurant responsible person Ms. Wang said, the company has worked with Fantong website such as rice and vegetable roll group purchase, but the group purchase website "not reliable" behavior, so she was very worried. Ms. Wang’s restaurant has cooperated in October and many group purchase website, most of them on time payment or urge a smooth knot, but a process of Fantong rice and vegetable roll let her still haunt. "Group purchase after Fantong has rice and vegetable roll back one month payment. If you do not pay the bill, the company refused to accept the customer with the coupons buy coupons." Ms. Wang said.

coincidentally, a Groupon cooperation merchant responsible person of Miss Xu said, because its docking clerk had left, should settle a month before the tail section is delayed. Multiple cooperation together, the tail has nearly 200 thousand yuan." The person in charge said that the behavior of the group is not uncommon for the payment of treasure, I added a QQ Group buy business, many people are reflected in this situation, the amount owed from several thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars".

as Miss Xu said, the payment of the purchase price in the industry has been uncommon. A business to the south to reflect the reporter, the company and the 58 groups to buy a number of projects were owed payment, the total amount of several hundred thousand dollars. "The bottom line has been paid for a month, in addition to receiving the first of the two projects, the rest of the money has not received." In addition to previously exposed large arrears payment voucher 24 business group purchase network, in cooperation with the money group before many businesses complained that money owed money after the group customer service phone can not get through, QQ customer service has been in a state of stealth.

recently frequent "group purchase website absconded" phenomenon, let partners at a distance of small group purchase website. Ms. Wang said that she now began to do small buy, that allows consumers to buy the site to pay a few dollars deposit, and then to the store to deliver most of the cash in order to ensure the safety of funds. In the case of money can not be settled, businesses can not provide quality services.

In order to deal with

partners, "Dunning" group purchase website began to take account of the extension strategy in the contract. I am not the size of the site is not small, but the site of the new year contract period has been extended." Near the end of the year, for many of the group to buy the site supply cosmetics business manager Wang recently got a new long-term cooperation contract found a little different.

in the three quarter of this year, group purchase industry into the winter period, a number of enterprises has traced capital chain tension. Such as Groupon (micro-blog) a substantial reduction in advertising, Groupon layoffs 70%. According to the group 800 data show that in October there were a total of 1017 group buying site closed down, the total fell to 4057. People in the industry.

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