heard that macd.cn was stolen, the world’s top 500 securities class website. I can not believe that immediately enter the URL, it is not open state.



now open state if a long time to search, and Alexa



ranked ten thousand in the world of finance MACD.CN large domain hijacking, and nets of rice. The following is reproduced:

    to the webmaster to wake up, be careful of your domain name security, please see MACD. The bitter lesson of cn! I can also be regarded as a forum for the elderly, although rarely post, but often to see everyone’s communication, access to some knowledge. Will also look at some of the fraud information, but did not expect such a thing happened in our website.

MACD financial network station more than ten years, although experienced an attack, the data has been lost, but never lost so much.

    October 29, 2008, criminals, submitted by our civilink forged business license, ID card, seal and other information, the password change, criminals in the change password, the domain name changed hands two times, and finally in the afternoon of November 1, 2008 exposed the ugly nature, will be our all of its class two all domain name refers to an illegal financial fraud website, we search the MACD stock forum on the Internet, you can know the address, here is not to write. Our website includes: stock forum, foreign exchange forum, home page, navigation, foreign exchange, data, Hong Kong stocks, search engines, shares, etc. nearly ten domain names, all illegal points.

    we have to contact the network in October 31, 2008, and submitted invoices and other documents, but the efficiency is ten in all let a person can’t compliment, so far, has not recovered.

    we once again remind the webmaster, pay attention to their domain name security. Passwords are complex, but are there any security checks to keep the password?

  for the webmaster, the protection of domain name password, e-mail, the recent occurrence of a number of domain name theft in the webmaster thing, to prevent the theft of domain names without delay.< >

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