in recent years, Taobao with the increasingly rapid pace of development, many traditional industries are tempted to join Taobao’s army, because these industries active is very good, for consumers is a very good information, but for businesses to say, means of competition. According to the relevant statistics show that the current gain of a new customer costs will be 4 yuan, therefore, more and more expensive in the flow, the conversion rate is more and more worse, in the end is to increase advertising efforts and also open a new road has become the important factor of the success of many shops. The following with the Tmall store as an example, how to carry out the depth marketing talk by practicing internal strength, do the details of work to old customers back rate increased from 10% to 30%.

first of all, from the store’s current indicators, are significantly lower than the average level of the industry. Respectively, the conversion rate of about 0.8%, the old customer turnover rate of around 10%, the customer price of between $-75 and $, while the average conversion rate of about 1.6% of the industry, the old customer turnover rate of around 30%. The only higher than the industry level is the flow shop, nearly 20 thousand visitors a day into the store, this data is higher than the other 90% shops. The price includes postage is within, which is priced at 60 yuan of lobbyists. We are a buying system, through the board play version, big goods factory mode of operation, the product quality is absolutely guaranteed, but why these data are far below the industry level? With the boss’s words 19 yuan Odell cotton dress to send to send out, the value of 50 yuan the goods, in the eyes of customers is only worth 30 yuan. This is why the store for two years, greatly small promotions for nearly one hundred games, the number of customers has exceeded 100 thousand, but the store monthly sales of 1 million yuan in the unstable problem.

after a diagnostic analysis, the reason why the current comparison of the main reasons for the failure of several shops. The first is to hit the market in terms of the number of sales, in the sale of links do not do too much. Every 10 yuan promotional activities of low-priced products can always create sales data is very good in the short term, but once the price sales plunged. Second, the shop’s current style positioning is not clear. In last year’s flagship is the dress supermarket, a total of 300 stores a variety of dresses, positioning is relatively clear. At this stage the new shelves mainly in the making process is simple, the market potential of large orders. Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea have wind, T-Shirts, dresses, trousers, chiffon shirt shop has to sell these goods. Therefore, the artist will often be confused, the main color of the store can not be determined, it can not be designed to have a taste of the brand home page and baby details page. Third, every new are sold 15 days to sell, but often failed to deliver the promised time, often expediting buyers more than the buyers of the embarrassing situation, caused a lot of pressure to the customer. The following

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