network news release is a very important way to promote the network, by many enterprises pursued, especially the numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, often will be the authority of the media on their company’s news reports as an important third party public trust, help enterprises to establish brand image. How to fully understand the use of news network promotion, Ken Tan network marketing agency describes his experiences.

The advantages and functions of

network news promotion

1: as a public authority, the media is favored by the majority of the trust of the masses, journalists known as the "uncrowned king" of the title, although in recent years the credibility of the news media as before, but the skinny camel is bigger than a horse, its authority is still ranked the first place in all media, users still have natural the psychological trust points on the news media, it is of great help for the enterprise to enhance the brand reputation.

2, strong exposure: the network news media have massive hits, especially Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent of the four comprehensive news media and some industry vertical news portal, it is amazing flow. This can quickly enhance the visibility of the company’s brand products.

3, Baidu: Baidu has to seize the flow of news to give weight is very high, ranking in the recent adjustment of ranking rules, is any search for a keyword in the home, there must be a related news (the key news case)


4, the optimization of the website ranking: there is a part of the network news media in corporate PR manuscript, can take the web address or URL hypertext links in the article, some even with the keyword anchor text links, which are of high quality, high weight, high degree of trust on the one-way chain. SEO site optimization ranking is a great help. For example: edible network marketing organization own website through the news to get a lot of the chain.


5, PR: network news will release some negative news on the corporate network to suppress, this is the usual practice, and held a press conference in the form, it is the overall crisis public relations planning, does not belong to the category of daily news.

network news release two operating practices

is the two Gen Tan summed up their classification in actual combat, not science.

first: traditional news techniques.

write a press release, direct contact with the media, and then contribute. Traditional newspaper media are called correspondent manuscript, and the network media has a similar mechanism, but this operation is complex, troublesome, manuscript quality requirements, and sometimes the cost is also high. First of all, if you do not have a connection, it is difficult to establish a cooperation mechanism with the news media, unless you are a celebrity; secondly, the manuscript requirements are very high, generally a small amount of embedded advertising

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