today to write this article is entirely out of the Beijing interactive group, a friend of his blog in a way to raise the question of


we all know that blog is equivalent to a website. The content of your site to do a good job of updating, as well as the structure of the site, like Zhang network, how should we do?. Increase the efficiency and stability of the chain. How the chain is stable? How the chain is more effective will not delete it?. That’s right. Of course, the method of the chain is not single, but the characteristics of blog is the biggest free, stable and effective, it is building its own website. Other methods do not say today.

raise a group of blog needs a certain amount of time. Keep a blog must also have the following methods. Of course, some people will say that raising blog to what skills? Not just to each big free blog platform to registered account and opened a blog and then send the article and then add links to your web site where you can, we can see that a person’s frivolous. No plans to do things, in fact, like chickens as to master the skills, not every day put him out on the matter, the time to feed him, and then to the evening shut up, of course, I don’t know I’m just big chicken, for example, it sometimes seems to be a very simple thing you are not attentive to do you do well. Not much gossip.

blog group to have the following skills, I am from the internal construction to external construction so that

a, content

The main

blog also spend time or in terms of content, the content is king! So the main content of the article, sometimes again good article can give you a good customer conversion rate and reprint rate, which we need to focus on the content in the blog.

1 what kind of article is easy to reprint what kind of article search engine like most, what kind of content and the content of your site, which is related to the high. To find you want to optimize the keywords of the article. And to the point of

2, in the title to highlight key words in the article, and then head to highlight key, then the contents of the article do not stack keyword to the central key words appear naturally several times, of course, but not as often as possible in order to highlight the key word disorderly accumulation, so the search engine optimization will think too much, look at the words frequency to set the key word.

3, in the article content has appeared before the title of the article some key words can be emphasized. Increase the link to the old article can also bring the weight of the old article, which is a major method of large-scale web site commonly used.

4, related keywords related articles, we know that Baidu search engine is a high degree of attention to the site. This site is also particularly high weight, both increase the relevance of the article also raised the link inside the station.

two, the chain >

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