I have been in contact with e-commerce for a year, although I have been working without an independent task, mostly teamwork. Just graduated from the University of the first job is the network sales staff, to the late SEO training, has been engaged in network promotion, search engine optimization. Network marketing platform such as: Forum marketing, e-mail marketing, blog marketing, soft marketing. The owners of these commonly used methods from a large number of cases refer to the original, to personally practice, is also a small harvest! Well, gossip here, like to communicate with you today is how to write the virtual product promotion plan stand


a, for the particularity of the product to find the target customer

analysis of the product is a popular Internet phone: 3G card for the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet phone and traditional phone to find the product promotion selling point.

1 from the product itself to find the functional point of publicity.

The function of

3G card has been achieved: 3G online phone, the traditional telephone call back, the family number, "QQ dial, dial, dial the Ali Wangwang mobile phone, direct dial telephone semi, VOD, mobile phone text messaging, web phone, mail list and reservation phone users, 400 online telephone, mobile, Unicom, prepaid phone card online recharge 3G, prepaid card, online banking online recharge.

2 from the price of the product to find promotional points

is the most expensive as long as 1 cents per minute, the answer is free, a long-distance telephone price. Minimum as low as 6 cents per minute, permanent free talk.

3 from the product’s user experience to find a promotional point

advantage: preferential reliable · call assured

1, no matter what kind of treatment, users open 3G services are free;

2, call long distance calls as low as 0.06 yuan / minute, free roaming charges, free calls, communication easier;

3 ", the internal online global free, users can enjoy the fun of communication, communication;

4, as well as more concessions and discounts, details can be found in the local business acceptance or landing official website inquiries!

advantage two: convenient and easy to use ·

1 ", integrating the use of an account can be handled at any time to play in the mobile phone, computer, there is no fixed multiple constraints;

use, whenever and wherever possible.

2, recharge convenient and worry free

the user can select the network telephone recharge, recharge, or direct business hall to buy prepaid card recharge;

3, the latest technology is not outdated

3G is the use of the latest 3G and wireless broadband technology, upward compatible 3G network, down compatible with GPRS, CDMA and other existing standards.

advantage three: >

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