in the minds of the people, "315" should be the rights of the pronoun and a symbol of justice, but in recent years, with the rise of "315" website, the typical chaos with "315 consumer complaints network" by people blackmail complaints enterprise "as the representative of the repeatedly been exposed. What is the "315" online rights or blackmail? "Chinese network reporter conducted a survey.

members free of charge: consumer complaints become 315 complaints network trick tree


"315 consumer complaints network, once a name with a great reputation in the industry, at the beginning of this year, with this website and Joyoung company of small household electrical appliance enterprises a protracted" kidnapping and anti kidnapping "struggle, and gradually opened the veil of complaints website.

‘315 consumer complaints network’ call us for cooperation." Joyoung, a person in charge told reporters that the main content of cooperation is the site of some consumer complaints". Joyoung person in charge, 315 consumer complaints network claiming to be very well-known in the industry, the daily average of more than 1500 complaints, ranked first in the search results in similar websites.

Joyoung company said, the other side of the proposed "cooperation" is Joyoung company to pay 120 thousand yuan as a member of the site, "they said, if not the membership, the site will take consumer complaints linked to the Internet, but also for the enterprise exposure. If you become a member, you will turn these complaints to the background, the site will not see."

after the event by the media exposure, attracted 315 consumer complaints network tough response. The website issued a public statement that the move is "more than hacking despicable means," is not a bribe to discredit".

what is the truth? "Chinese thing" reporter found in the survey, is not only the Joyoung company had received 315 consumer complaints telephone network.

Xu Youzhen, President of

, said: "they (315 consumer complaints network) to some of us are obviously not wrong, belonging to the people of our complaints on the Internet, requiring us to deal with. But we give the explanation and the processing, the website does not revise, hangs."


" 315 "when I go to their website to see, not on our website for complaints, but they still made a topic, that our service is not good, the attitude is not good, a lot of criticism of our article." Xu Youzhen said, multi benefit network has been taking a tough attitude, even on their own website to expose the 315 consumer complaints network behavior. "They don’t talk about money directly, but they can obviously feel that we want to be a member."

In addition,

, including SKYWORTH and some other domestic appliance brands have received a membership invitation >

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