the level of development of China’s tourism e-commerce is still a big difference, some places or enterprises, no concept of tourism e-commerce, not to mention the understanding and use of. In this case, we must through the objective point of view of tourism e-commerce development in China, to let more people know the role and benefits of tourism e-commerce, and actively take the tourism e-commerce promotion and popularization, enlarge the coverage area of tourism e-commerce in China, promote the development of tourism industry in china.


is the subject of tourism, determines an important guarantee for the success of tourism e-commerce, including tourism e-commerce operators, tourism enterprises, personnel engaged in tourism destination for residents, tourists four indispensable one, each plays a decisive role. Today, Peng Peng from the role of 4 characters on the importance of tourism e-commerce.

1, tourism e-commerce operators

tourism e-commerce operators is tourism electronic commerce is an extremely important role. First, tourism e-commerce operators to build tourism e-commerce system, to do their own website, the website to sign the corporate culture, website functions to facilitate tourist operation and so on things, how to design a suit of their own corporate image of the web page is very important, because the web is the tourists understand the most direct way to corporate culture. Embodies the spirit of enterprise culture and target positioning.

web site to have a tourist interactive community, so that different groups of people to communicate and learn, this will bring vitality to the site. Tourism e-commerce operators to understand the needs of tourists through the community, analyzes their psychology, according to the analysis, develop marketing strategies. Web site also pay attention to the promotion, so that each corner of the network have your website figure, so that more people know your site.

site is virtual, but we are real. Tourism e-commerce online service and online guidance services should also attach importance to the line service, refers to the tourism activities, online travel service refers to tourists freely on the site, due to the use of methods, most tourists are not familiar with the site does not operate, or do not know how to choose a product, then the site work personnel should give the necessary help, assist to complete the whole tourism product order.

these are all need to travel e-commerce operators intentions to do, do decides the future development.

2, tourism enterprises engaged in personnel

engaged in the tourism industry, is to provide services and assistance for tourists, although employees of various departments, such as tourist attractions, hotels, travel agencies, transportation and other sectors, but their purpose is the same, is to serve the tourist service, ensure the successful completion of the tourism activities. Tourism practitioners are the direct contact of tourists, they achieve the tourism activities through the service, and their service mode and quality directly affect the level of experience of tourists.

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