from Taobao Tmall strong push for some days, today in the Taobao home slide large recommended. Jet Li, Ma Feng Qingyang La L Zhao Wei, Du Haitao, Ma Yili, Sun Li, Huang Xiaoming, Cai Ming, Shi Yuzhu, Ren Zhiqiang, and other star celebrity in the various contacts, attendance, Za, knock on the new play, saying from using sets of treasure sign this event also attracted a lot of buyers and users of Alipay Taobao.


look at what these celebrities are talking about

Ma Yun: that he is often a good man caught in difficult circumstances, the gas used up and there is no reasonable use. Maybe it is because in other immersed in love, emotional investment is not enough.

Jet Li: the director, we let Mawangdui start 33 days, now is the time to spare no effort to catch up, you are not going to open as soon as possible to rest for ten minutes, and to chat, a breath of fresh air, cool to go back with the meeting.

Zhao Wei: touch black and came to Shanghai. This is very familiar with the attempt, there are a variety of delicious fun, but it is not a relaxed metropolis! Perhaps more buildings, more people, more change it!

article: I started to work, his wife and children accompany together to work, a lot of pressure, I feel tired.

Du Haitao: I want to catch up with the total get together ah! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Chong young


Ma Yili: get together!!! Everybody is good, I am I, finally learned to talk ~ ~ Sun Li: Hey, everyone see me?.

Huang Xiaoming: Hey, the furthest distance in the world is that when I am in front of you, yet you can’t see me.

Cai Ming: one foundation volunteer Cai Ming came to report!… Get together… ?? Well, it’s ma.

Shi Yuzhu: I have a mind, knock on the beauty of the girls, on the 5, a no knock. However, they have the answer, I’m all wrong, not a right. This year, we can easily steal,


Ren Zhiqiang: there are people who don’t know who I am, do a self introduction my name is Ren Zhiqiang, who is known as the old man, it is said to be an enemy of the people was also said to be the lover. Welcome everybody, sell the watch.

Ali group WeChat strong push back and forth behind the

The ecological rules of Alibaba

group, outsiders is almost impossible to surpass, but WeChat, Taobao, Tmall and Alipay have, and the Alibaba are the heart of fear, but as a strong push from Alibaba to pave the way for the listing, more is to want to do social electricity supplier success, WeChat control growth don’t start pushing between this year, when WeChat users become more and more mature and develop the habit of traveling block basically have the opportunity, the mobile Internet is hot, WeChat began to ignite.

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