, the famous investor Cai Mouhua purchased the domain name domain name t.cn, there have been rumors that the domain name will be used to do the micro-blog website, he denied that. But Cai attaches great importance to the development of micro-blog, called micro-blog is equivalent to do personal website, he believes that micro-blog in the next one or two years there will be explosive development.

should be said, CAI in the domain of investment has a business vision, skills sharp, "FM365.com pick note" Lenovo’s domain name, let him "fame". According to his own estimates, the current value of the domain name in his hands.

CAI of their domain name valuation is correct or not, we regardless of domain name, but the market is the explosive development in which he said micro-blog, the rapid decline.

at present, a large number of small businesses are using the domain name + small site model, which requires companies to register domain names. The domain name system to English, a good name basically are like Cai such domain name collectors, wait for the right price to sell. Even if the user has registered a relatively satisfactory domain name, need to resolve the domain name, but also the annual renewals. In addition, users want to build their own small web site, although there is no need to buy a server, but also to invite people to build a website, and many of these small business website security is very low.

most of the small business website is to introduce their products and services, spent so much money and effort to build such a lack of interactive features of the introduction of the site, it seems not worth. But no way, other companies have their own company website, not ah! "Red herring" magazine has published such a sentence: "in the future, we will no longer be the Internet, because we are destined to be 24 hours online people".

and the current rise of micro-blog + blog + micro group model can basically solve the problem mentioned earlier.

first, micro-blog can use Chinese registration, and no longer be bound by those commercial interests of erosion of search engine, as long as the micro-blog name contains small enterprise core characters at present name, can be retrieved in the micro-blog system.

second, "micro-blog + + micro blog group" can go, small businesses can use micro-blog’s own information, the rapid release of the accumulation of popularity, and detailed product, technology or service can be put on the blog in the. The most important thing is that most small businesses do not have the interactive features of the site, can be achieved through the micro-blog micro group function.

finally, micro-blog + blog + micro group registration is very simple, there is no need for any fees. Micro-blog services to provide several major portals in the atmosphere of competition, it is not possible for a long time to register micro-blog charges. Their profit is somewhere else, this is another topic.

once a large number of small companies discovered the convenience of micro-blog + + micro blog group "application," domain name + small website "way is discarded will point the day and await for it. Under a large demand

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