my good boy, website.

07 years in September, you quietly came to the world.

your arrival makes me feel happy, but also let me worry.

I don’t have much milk,

can only use cheap milk to feed you.

but that milk powder doesn’t make you grow up healthily.

what you need is the milk of the original flavor,

because that’s what you want to grow.

when you were born

no one came to see you, and no one accepted you.

only I accompany you every day, in the dark night.

but you don’t care because you know

one day everyone will accept you, recognize you.

after you and I spent a long time,

your uncle Baidu, accepted you,

later, your uncle Google also recognized you,

now, Sogou YAHOO search uncle, uncle, uncle came to take care of you.

and, also, every day there are more than 2 thousand enthusiastic people to see you.

you smile, smile so bright, so real.

but you and I are thinking, how can we afford them?

yes, only better growth, healthy growth of


so, you know, can’t have been that cheap milk powder,

you need, juice, you need flavor.

you need to use your healthy body, glow,

let no one cares about you.

this is what you should do, and you must do it!

only this article dedicated to my favorite 86 novel network and all the friends who do garbage station!

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