all of the outside world has failed to stop the capital and bitcoin players continue to pour into the market enthusiasm. In Chinese, bitcoin trading and investment, mining, production, assembly and chip machine hosting service is breeding a new virtual currency industry chain, and become the world’s bitcoin production center.

in the gold rush of the birth of this industry chain, the key word is not Ponzi scheme, not speculation and bubble, but futures. The connotation of the futures, including bitcoin value growth forecast, including the chain link to each other, the credibility of the futures risk gamble throw the helve after the hatchet; the biggest is that bitcoin is also as a trading and investment goods, whether accepted by more people and become the base currency network world faces too much challenge.

, however, at least in the growing number of people who are involved in bitcoin entrepreneurial tide, the money is still infinitely bright way.


evolution of


just one month ago, before Facebook co-founder Yang Yaorui in Hainan Sanya enjoy the sand and surf, and to contact the bitcoin from absolutely ignorant of just less than thirty days, he has come up with the savings to devote to bitcoin entrepreneurship.

in a cafe in Zhongguancun business park, Yang Yaorui told the Tencent of science and technology, he began to understand bitcoin is seen on May 22nd founder Zhang Shenpeng published "bitcoin business history" – and Yang Yaorui Zhang Shenpeng in the sales data of the Taobao store Avalon machine, immediately the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship, he found. Zhang Shenpeng on the two day after No. 22 issued pre-sale unexpectedly sold a total value of 1 million yuan products.

as everyone knows, bitcoin has long been used in mining CPU and GPU era, mining chip and assembling mill professional network has become an inevitable choice of gold group.

through the ASIC integrated circuit designed is recognized as the industry is the best way to improve mining efficiency of the chip equipment, ASIC machine chip has become the most scarce commodity on the market, but in the case of shortage has become the main trade way, book industry. The world’s first developed ASIC chip companies to sell the butterfly butterfly machine at a very low price, but buyers cannot get any delivery time guarantee, only to wait or refund two options, receive lottery probability is like a butterfly in the same way as mine.

the other two teams to develop high computing power chips are from China, including the Shenzhen roast cat team and the Avalon team in Beijing. However, although the roast cat developed a chip and machine, but chose to raise funds through the subscription of shares of foreign cooperation mode, refused to sell the chip and purchase machine and other mining equipment. Bitcoin mining pool in the largest overseas, roast cat operation ability and team to dig bitcoin number in the world first, every day to dig bitcoin wealth of more than 200 thousand yuan.


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