renamed China ( January 22nd hearing, for four months, profit about one million yuan, the worship of the people is the domain name gangster Cai Wensheng, shortly before the price of 150 thousand yuan to sell the "fair" domain name, then to 7 digits for the "car", here, you have to guess who is this person? Yes, today we talk to the domain name investors is only last August * * * Chen Haonan.

accidentally become attached to the domain name

Chen Haonan was born in 1988, after graduating from high school began to make a living away from home, in 2010, he and several friends partner open online * *, a profitable situation is also good, the monthly income of hundreds of thousands of yuan, and later because of poor market, a decline in profits, so he wanted to find a way. At that time, he spent 245 thousand yuan to buy a 3 digital domain name, used to build classification information website, however, a year later, the site lost tens of thousands of domain names, but the appreciation of the hundreds of thousands, so he simply shut the website, the domain name has sold 630 thousand yuan.

this thing touched him deeply, he felt the domain name investment is money way. It is also from the domain name, he formally embarked on the road of domain name investment. After that he will have to buy the 3 digital domain name and to the price of over $300 thousand per sale, the 3 letter domain name and, each with a price of over $200 thousand. In addition to handling some other domain names, almost all profitable, since four months earned a total of about one million. At present, he also holds the hands of, Google, car network, car and other domain names.

the most impressive domain name is At that time, holders ready to use to do the project, Chen Haonan from another domain name investors in the hands of 1500 yuan price of the acquisition of, after the price of $6800 sold to the holders of After the completion of the transaction, he again to 400 yuan price from the original CN domain seller in the hands of the, and then sold to yuan holders of $3800. Later,’s owner said to him, "I took you guys!"

better character better mix

only four months into the Chen Haonan think in the domain name investment circles, the most important thing is the credibility. "The character of the better, got better and better, earn more, I think in the rice farming circle mixing good big brothers are good character, such as Xu Jun." In addition, buyers and sellers should also pay attention to integrity, before talking about a good price can not change, the other side to give you money, you have to give him the domain name push. He said he has quite a few hundreds of thousands of yuan transactions are buyers directly hit the money to him, have not met such a trust.

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