experienced a false prosperity of the industry, group purchase in last year tends to be stable gradually out of chaos. According to the group purchase navigation site 800 data show that last year the total industry turnover and total buying trips growth of 93% and 45%, reached 21 billion 390 million yuan and 456 million people respectively, from the perspective of the development of group purchase, the industry has experienced failures, profit five key period in the last year, the group purchase of the basic pattern has been set.

dark price:

product discount intensity weakened

According to the

group recently released 800 independent "2012 China group purchase group purchase website market statistics report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") data show that last year the domestic mainstream group purchase website a total turnover of 21 billion 390 million yuan, an increase of 93% in 2011. Total annual purchase of passengers increased by 45% compared to 2011, reaching 456 million.


report pointed out that in December last year, the total group purchase transactions amounted to 2 billion 160 million yuan, a record high, while the month in the sale of a single group and the number of people buy two index has reached 367 thousand and 44 million 210 thousand, respectively, up 23.9% and 15.8%. This is the last second months after August turnover of more than $2 billion 100 million, but also for the first time in 3 consecutive months after the purchase of less than 40 million people to achieve reversal.

This group of 800

, co-founder, consumer expert Hu Chen believes that the present at the end of tail momentum at the same time in the group purchase performance, must be aware of a greater degree is from the group purchase sites are on the ground a lot of reclamation and long-term sale of businesses. Various sites in the last year have abandoned the burn promotion marketing model, but to take "business ideas to provide more choice to expand group purchase" a large number of local businesses, to the group purchase, and moved to the page, in order to maximize the capture of Internet users group purchase consumption.

According to statistics, in 2012 the monthly sales of the group in a single period of 208 thousand, compared with the sharp rise in the period of the year of 2011, or 45 thousand. At the same time, in order to change the long-term downturn in the gross margin, group purchase site in this year will increase the average price of group purchase price quietly, has risen to 61% off, and through the introduction of some 5-8 discount package project to improve their overall profitability.


cut the number of half


for group purchase industry, referring to the "collapse" is not new, but from the data, the more than 2 thousand group purchase sites nationwide only with the number 3790 last year compared to the year, nearly half of the mortality rate is still not a small number. Insiders believe that, if the current as Taobao shop class buy the number of sites stripped, the current number of buy site will not exceed 2000.

last year in the winter capital under the pressure of large group purchase website under the pressure of survival with each other to suppress the development of space, which makes many small and medium-sized group purchase website more lost and merchants bargaining chips, was forced to withdraw from the main stadium. >

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