is now talking about medical network marketing, can not help but let a lot of friends did not feel what to talk about feeling, this industry is very huge, and it is difficult to make money. Moreover, many of the owners are gradually out of the medical circle, slowly toward the e-commerce this, I feel that this is not a good medicine to do. In fact, any industry is the bottleneck of development, but each industry has its own value of existence.

I engaged in medical

2 years later, on the occasion of 2 years in a very low time, do not know in this industry to develop accurate, do not know what to how to position themselves. Although it can be understood that each person in their choice of space will have a period of time, but when this kind of thing in itself, I hope to get out of the.

was thinking positioning themselves at the same time, more is to think what is hindering medical network marketing progress, and some do not exchange medical friends, found that, similar to many hospitals in the promotion way, at the same time there is such a problem, some marketing methods in the second city is relatively backward, not how to develop and learn in time, will only make your team more and more far, finally will appear problem is two levels of differentiation is more and more big. The author believes that hindered the progress of medical network marketing is mainly in the following areas, of course, there are many problems need to communicate with the finishing line.

1, there is no independent marketing, always copying.

if you do medical treatment, you can not have an independent marketing, has been copied, it is difficult to break. Especially in a number of ways to promote, many of our health care is to learn how to do their peers, according to their own. The website of the other side to do better, directly copied over, spliced into a website, to see their own will feel uncoordinated. But no one seems to want to learn how to do it, or how to extend it.

407 ad, the emperor left the West Rome it destroy the Great Wall, with treason to kill J Te Rico; then J Te Rico was killed in Slovenia after Alaric, laughing: "finally nobody can stop me to go to Rome." When his generals asked: "I do not know which way to go to the king to Rome?" the Visigothic King laughed and uttered the immortal line: "All Roads Lead to Rome." Any marketing methods can be done in place, to achieve the ultimate profit, the key is whether you really use.

2, eager to try new things, but do not consider the right.

medical this time, found that the biggest problem is that medical, see a new marketing method, without timely analysis of market analysis, marketing promotion is suitable for their own hospital, actively put into use. This explains why many hospitals do micro-blog WeChat marketing has not been effective, and, if

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