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industry, founder of the two shop No. 1 left, is likely to be WAL-MART China area going to implant WAL-MART system in order to control the executive management shop No. 1, and No. 1 may be directly into the "WAL-MART online shop".

acquisition 1 shop for many years, WAL-MART did not see too many achievements in the field of electricity providers, but still triggered a big news. "First Financial Daily" reporter learned from WAL-MART in July 15th, founder and chairman of the 1 shop Yu Gang, co-founder and chief executive officer, decided to leave the shop No. 1, Liu Junling. But it did not disclose the successor information.

sources close to WAL-MART Chinese district business sector has been did not have much improvement, only under the command of Sam’s Club of the independent operation of the electricity supplier is a substantial progress, and then integrate Shop No. 1 "good", in fact there are many did not realize.

two founders suddenly left

March 2008, founder of No. 1 in just shop and Liu Junling, 2010, Ping An to 80 million yuan price to win the 1 store 80% stake to WAL-MART in 2012 to shop 1, increase investment, shareholding increased to about 51%, as the largest shareholder.

although the "sovereign" is very normal, but holding 1 store initially at WAL-MART, founder of the team did not shop No. 1 do much adjustment.

however, in April this year, WAL-MART Global CEO Dong Minglun (Doug Mcmillon) in China and media communication will be held in Beijing, although Dong Minglun at the meeting did not express too much Shop No. 1, but still is interpreted as the industry will take an important change in WAL-MART to shop No. 1 on the issue of strategic positioning.

sure enough, before the spread rumors 1 store founder and chairman Yu Gang and other senior may leave. Soon, WAL-MART confirmed it.

According to a statement to reporters on the evening of the 15

WAL-MART: "No. 1 shop founder and chairman, Yu Gang, co-founder and CEO Liu Junling decided to leave the shop No. 1, to start their next career. Shop 1 as part of WAL-MART’s strategy in China will continue to serve the Chinese consumers. In a relatively short period of time, shop No. 1 has become one of the leading e-commerce company China on the market and by many customers love shopping platform, which depends on the shop No. 1 team and to just and Liu Junling’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. We thank Yu Gang and Liu Junling in the establishment of customer service and reflect the business foundation of a world level of innovation and enthusiasm, and we thank them set up a strong team, help Shop No. 1 continuous innovation and growth in the future."

public information, Yu Gang and Liu Junling, was known as "the sword", was the world’s top 500 executives. Served as vice president of global sourcing at DELL and vice president of Amazon’s global supply chain. In Amazon, Amazon has just been transformed the supply chain

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