for each blogger, how to make their own blog on the Internet to attract thousands of other people’s attention, is a very difficult problem.

simply write a few articles that can attract the attention of others, it is unlikely, it is very difficult to really do this. Because today’s Internet has almost any field has been excavated, so you have to face a strong opponent. In this way, you will attract readers must study in their own field, readers love to write more articles, different from the other articles, and must be practical, is not immutable and frozen writing, sometimes need for fresh and interesting to lead your point of view.

OK, let me tell you what I usually do:

1, blog name:

is trying to find a name that stands out for your image, and it’s a little bit more eye-catching. Maybe it will be your personal brand in the future. How to make their own good name and have a certain influence? Of course, you can use their own names, strictly speaking, it should be to create a distinctive blog name, so that others can remember to see.

2, article title:

take an interesting and fascinating article title is the best way to attract readers, perhaps these words can decide whether others will see your article. If your title and Internet articles are the same, there is no attraction. For example, an entertainment commentary about friends, many entertainment friends against Stephen Chow in the news recently, he took the title of review is: Stephen Chow just ordered to commit? Personally feel that the name is very good, very attractive to readers.

3, the depth of the article:

don’t just write a title on nothing, so that even if you attract readers to click, but also for the next time not to patronize. Many bloggers write short articles with one or two ideas that are clearly in a hurry. If you want to be different, dig deep. It’s still important to keep it short – long articles are not good at the same time, and looking for a useful, more in-depth theme than any other blog will make you better than a group.

4, controversial issues:

although it is not good to intentionally create controversial topics, don’t settle all disputes. It is a good thing that everyone can participate in the discussion. Of course, not to others, if you want to put in the blog content all over in the discussion, then you have no difference with them. Different and interesting topics attract readers’ attention and curiosity.

5, the beginning of the article must be noted:

    the first two paragraph of the article is the most important (except the title), if it is not interesting enough, the reader will go away, because they are very busy, they do not have time or not

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