[Abstract] just one year, the number of ready to the unicorn has doubled, but the investment market is the reverse cooling.


is also the valuation, valuation, unicorn listed companies more and more, but more and more narrow door.

With the

technology company IPO in trouble, a huge amount of money investors will dashuipiao? Business executives, but also listed the dream of success? For entrepreneurial employees, then listed Ali night creating thousands of millionaires miracle can happen to you


in the past, valued at large start-up companies even more than $1 billion, not listed are very rare, but now, they are like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as commonplace. We now call them unicorn.

February 2015, Fortune magazine paid close attention to this wave, and the first to cover the coverage. Since then, unicorn concept has become one of the industry’s evaluation of the scale of venture companies. At that time, we combed out the world’s more than and 80 Unicorn company. The latest statistics show that unicorn’s number has increased to 173.

just one year, the number of ready to the unicorn has doubled, but the investment market is the reverse cooling. Over the past few years, a representative of listed technology companies profitability has plummeted, see more losses. 2015 listed technology companies, interest income tax depreciation and amortization of the median profit loss of $9 million. The American stock market is one disaster after another, after nearly seven years of the bull market has been gradually declining, and the stock market volatility also repeatedly in Chinese.

this means that a large number of technology companies to be listed not only to have lined up, still desperate wrestling to ensure that you are still alive get listed tickets. A unicorn Battle Royale can hardly be avoided.

fortune 2016 global Unicorn list:


$46 billion

CEO:Lei Jun

headquarters: Beijing

industry: consumer electronics

drops travel

$16 billion

CEO:Cheng Wei

headquarters: Beijing

industry: traffic travel

U.S. group public comment network

$15 billion

CEO:Wang Xing

headquarters: Beijing

industry: Internet service

Lu Jin

$10 billion

CEO:Gregory Gibb


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