do you have for you with a lot of peers Taobao baby price and distress? You with a loss whether peer grab sales angry or depressed? Are you with you with a defective fake made embarrassed? Do you have for your baby to see many people buy fewer sense

wonder?Since the launch of Taobao

with the price, many buyers have become savvy, most buyers search to see love styles, will go back to search with a link to the page you baby above, and then choose the cheapest, and more sales and praise the store bought, then your store do ranking is to help you to the peer competitors to sell more than a baby or. This situation you met yet? (welcome back messages) especially sell clothes and shoe, it is difficult to search the search page to all other countries in the same paragraph, the same paragraph links results in your baby show, originally belonging to your buyers into the buyer’s competitors.

so, we started shopping prices, profits fall, even at a loss in sales, so that buyers of Taobao is happy, more happy, so Taobao with a parity function more and more powerful, as the seller of how you feel? So the price war came into being, but the price war is the result of many small sellers, revenues, operating more and more difficult, because the profit is too thin, will lead to a series of problems of customer service service is poor, resulting in vicious spiral.

and the solution to the above problems and troubles is: to exclude the same price. As long as we put our own money to exclude the same paragraph, the search page can not be linked with the same point, then all of the above problems are completely resolved. Did you say that,


well, in terms of focus, how to exclude the same paragraph:

a, baby title and the baby’s attributes do not copy all the same paragraph.

The first

is relatively simple, is to change the title, not with others with exactly the same name, attributes with several properties or change several properties that can be, this is a little bit, to exclude the same paragraph parity operation is simple, we all get down.

two, modify the baby master plan, try to change the big points.

the proposal for a baby in pretty nice pictures, then take out with the PS software such as Meitu Xiu Xiu pictures or software, then the best is directly to the background change, suggest other image stitching two Zhang Baobei, Taobao through the main figure, the same paragraph we can basically get rid of in addition, sometimes you picture a master of words, the other also is to be processed, or a main map to get better, the other main figure is not ready, all the work is also zero, of course, other main picture processing can be simple. Want to pay high returns, is a must, right? And the first main map is the most important, must be done first, both buyers see not attractive, but also to exclude Taobao with the money, the bother >

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