recruitment in any enterprise is a crucial link, especially for start-ups, pull up a team, the formation of the team, is the primary task. Startups in competition in the talent competition but in the treatment of large enterprises, talent is not better than large enterprises, even start-ups in any one in the early development of the areas are more than large enterprises, in such difficult circumstances, to find suitable talent is more difficult, talent has become an important task for start-ups.


recruitment is a very important thing to start a business must face, entrepreneurs are easy to get bogged down in the recruitment of talent, forget to ask yourself: what is my entrepreneurial team

?One of the most important things you need to remember about

is that the team you create should reflect what kind of company you want to build. Who are you? What is your mission? What is your point of view? These global issues have to be implemented in your decision making on the hiring process, so that your team is in line with the company’s vision of development.

entrepreneurs need to think carefully before hiring a new employee: what kind of impact does this person have on the company, or rather, when building a team, you have to think it over?.

many entrepreneurs in the recruitment of staff, that their lack of a professional, very anxious to recruit a new employee, I personally think that entrepreneurs should calm down at this time, to recruit the person really necessary? Team now who is good at this aspect


early start hiring or recruit the wrong person cost is very high, once the staff recruitment in the early departure will bring great harm to the team, in the early days to avoid hiring, but the work style must be uniform, no matter what kind of enterprise creation, entrepreneurs should as far as possible to establish a complementary skills team.


recruitment, hiring the best of those who have been employed by others, because if members of your team, and have a very cow very famous people worked together, is a very good practice they dug into their team.

It is a very difficult thing for

to build a team to convince those who are not yet ready to join your company and give up their current stable job and join your new team. However, these people are indeed worthy of the company to tap them.

recruited familiar people to join the team, is conducive to the seamless integration of entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurs in the recruitment process, you need to take the initiative to recommend them to your company, you can take this as a practice, because you will do all their work to promote.

recruitment to the industry experience is very difficult, if you recruit employees have been in your field of experience, will greatly reduce their learning curve. Experienced people are able to give entrepreneurs a common vision

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