network marketing, in addition to online advertising, search engines, Ali and other business sites on the release of information, what can we do, in fact, a lot, a little higher, I think it is soft marketing.

what is the network marketing, simply put an article on your company’s articles, news, or a new point of view, or a reader can cause resonance of the articles published at different sites, and indicate in the back, this article from the enterprises and author information in order to get to know these people reading, so as to produce advertising effect. This is the network soft Wen marketing, soft marketing, the best effect is the knowledge marketing, news marketing and corporate culture marketing.

that how to carry out the network soft marketing?

first, write the original article, what form can be recommended by the form of news and knowledge, if the news form, you have to learn how to write literature reports, if it is a form of knowledge, I personally feel that writing is not how also never mind, the most important thing is that you want to tell others to knowledge write clearly.

second, write the article, which of course is to find the network media published, if news, pay, I think you’d better find some big website to send, if it is the best knowledge, in some industry site, such as the knowledge of human resource management, issued in Chinese human resource management knowledge network ( Chinese or human resources network, generally these articles are reproduced. This article is about how to carry out network marketing for free, I will not pay the details, I talk about the free Internet media, free Internet media how to find it, in fact, this is quite difficult to find, I am here to introduce two websites to you, the one is the European Network (, the site is very large, the news also, knowledge also, most importantly, he can also open special news columns and enterprises to the feeble enterprise. And he is completely free; second, is the network marketing world ( this is also very good, but you have to write this, and his site theme related articles, because he must send the article is about network marketing and electronic commerce and network business, but it is also very. The characteristics, he does not require users to register, but directly write the article sent to the mailbox [email protected] on the line, if your article is well written, and content conformity to its website theme, generally within 24 hours, you can see your written articles on this website and the website the reprint rate is extremely high, usually more than 5 websites, the exposure rate is good. Of course, this can be free to send a lot of soft web site. Everyone to find their own, find it, do not forget to write a letter to tell me (my email is [email protected]) I am collecting information in this regard.

third, just waiting for your customers to come

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