in 2012 by the economic crisis, the global economy is still weak recovery, haze. Therefore, the next period of time, China will continue to face the global economy in the post crisis era, many challenges. To resist external risks at the same time, Chinese economy to continue to maintain the stable development of the Internet industry will Chinese? China Internet webmaster to decide on what path to follow? How to deal with, in 2012, should continue to adhere to what should do, what specific changes and adjustments, become a common problem in front of you again, the whole industry will enter from the idea to practice many subversion and challenges, Internet practitioners need to adopt the new vision and ideas, to seek sustainable growth and development of new, healthy. Especially the webmaster, should learn in cooperation and competition in full and effective use for your own infrastructure, cross-border cooperation with more enterprises, strong resources, finally to establish an effective division of labor, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation ecosystem, a solid foundation for the long-term development of the website.

the Internet gave us the ideal, gave us the direction, to give us happiness and sadness, but it taught us to be strong, persistent, to continue to innovate, to be brave. A long way, we will be with you, the webmaster Internet Peer a, from glory to dream, for the future of the Internet together to create greater value to


2012 Hunan Internet webmaster conference organized by the Admin5 station network, bShare network, phpwind, push media, Voices Online co hosted an Internet webmaster annual meeting, topic meeting by the industry elite interactive mode thoroughly on e-commerce, mobile Internet applications, social marketing and other related hot discussion, provide some practical experience excellent and for the vast number of Internet entrepreneurs, but also hope that through this Internet Conference for the venture to set up all aspects of human resources, to promote mutual cooperation between


conference time: August 11th 14:00-17:30

number of participants: 300

Venue: Golden Resources Hotel Hunan

conference to support the media: sina science and technology Tencent science and technology NetEase science and technology techweb DoNews


conference in media: home owners webmaster website home long laggards forum Chinese renamed the domain name city push media network 55la 28

conference sponsor: bShare, phpwind, Sogou alliance, good beans network, food network,

century China Xia

conference official home page:

conference registration address:


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