] both core tip pea pods, Baidu or UC, or mobile phone assistant, search and browser, to provide one-stop service for mobile Internet users as the competition for the mobile Internet entrance nirvana.

peas last week held a media conference officially released the "video search" this product, its main feature is the application of direct implementation of video search results, users do not need to go to App to look for different video video, watch online and download the demand can be completed in a station type of pea pods Mobile phone terminal.

What is the "one-stop"


The entrance of

Park geeks had written a series of articles in the mobile internet. At present, the mobile Internet is several main entrance "search" and "browser" and "mobile phone assistant", a typical representative of the three are Baidu, UC and pea pods, and light applications, Web App, Native App respectively, they resorted to the main battle weapon. They invariably prefer to use an Internet style grand narrative noun – one-stop, such as the following words:

mobile phone Baidu light applications to one-stop service in a comprehensive manner, to provide users with a more relaxed and more quality "light" life (from the 2013 Baidu World Congress);

UC vision is to build the world’s leading open, one-stop user service platform (from UC official website);

pea pods to do is to get through the convergence between applications, to provide users with a true one-stop content services (from pea pods "video search" conference).

stop the word originally came to the service industry often say "all in one service", its intention is to allow customers to enjoy convenient services to complete or in one step, no longer need to run to and fro, save time and improve efficiency, in order to adapt to the fast pace of modern life and high efficiency requirements. For example, the supermarket is one of the most typical "one-stop service", people can not only buy fuel, cosmetics, stationery and other supplies here, also can buy books, CDs and appliances and other items. Supermarket shelves as much as possible with people’s lives related to consumer goods, only in this place customers can basically meet their shopping needs.

virtual reality mapping. From the name of Apple’s AppStore can be seen, AppStore will become a virtual content online supermarket. Today, we do see that AppStore brings together a variety of applications, music, video, books and other forms of content, the user simply through a AppStore to meet the needs of most of the content. It can be said that AppStore is the Internet and mobile Internet one-stop service model.


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