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can be divided into three types, one is to treat customers indifferent, cause the business did not make it, one is what customers want to sell what, one of the most simple way of selling, there is a customer needs what, according to the demand for Owner Association recommended, finally made a big business. For the current number of operators, it is necessary to take the associated sales, so that the business will really get great development.

12 month 9, a shopping, so that reporters in Hubei, Wuhan, a shop owner heartfelt praise.

this shop "hiding" in a residential area, there is no obvious signs, business is very good.

that day, reporters in the store to buy two bottles of beer. At the time of payment, the shopkeeper asked cheerfully: "would you like a bottle opener?"

reminded him, the reporter found himself really need, said: "take a."

when looking for a bottle opener, the shopkeeper asked: "would you like peanuts or duck what? Good wine!"

to tell the truth, before going to the store, the reporter has prepared meals. The shopkeeper said that audible, Wuhan specialty spicy duck drinks may be better, then let him bring a bag.

, a total of 32 yuan, you gave $50, find you $18. Go (Hubei dialect, meaning "well"), come again next time!" After the change, the shopkeeper said with a smile.

on the way back home, the reporter recalled the scene when buying things, can not help but think of a story heard.

general content of the story, a stranger walked into a large department store about second days of weather, the salesman told him second days of good weather, it is the weekend, they advised him to go fishing, then introduced the fishing equipment needed to him. When the customer decided to buy, the salesman asked him where he was going to go fishing, and when the customer said he was going to the beach, the salesman suggested that he buy a boat. Passers into the store had just asked the weather, but finally spent a lot of money to buy a ship.

thought of here, I can not praise: "a good shop owner! I want to buy two bottles of beer, results in his recommendation and bought a bottle opener and duck. If the owner does not recommend, perhaps I only carry two bottles of beer!"

so it seems that the business, the owner is not only passive sales, but also take the initiative to find more business opportunities. Therefore, it is possible to flexibly use related sales, enlarge customer demand, sell more goods.

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