now all over the government are trying to actively promote the activities of all social entrepreneurship, and now has achieved some success, Hubei City, Xiaogan Province recently established a venture capital fund to guide entrepreneurship.

2 day, the Xiaogan municipal government held a general assembly, vigorously promote the deployment of dynamic leap, accelerate the construction of innovative city work, issued 8 documents to support innovation and entrepreneurship policy combination of unprecedented efforts.

to reduce financing costs for smes. The new high-tech enterprise founded, the loan amount less than 5 million yuan in 2 years, according to 50% of the benchmark interest rate to the national interest; intellectual property pledge in bank loans, 2 years to give 50% subsidy financing costs. Enterprises in the main board (small plates, the GEM), three new board, four board listing success, were given a one-time $1 million 500 thousand, $1 million 100 thousand and $500 thousand reward.


in fact to build a social venture fund for many people’s entrepreneurial activity is very helpful, but also can lead the whole society people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, inspire people to actively entrepreneurship.


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