customers door, want to let customers buy, natural need to highlight the advantages of the product, so as to be able to attract more consumers, will make the transaction really reach, will let the shop business is hot. However, how to highlight the advantages of this product, it has become a problem plagued countless operators. So, how to highlight the advantages of open shop products?

understand the functions and technical indexes and characteristics of marketing their products, sales staff is the basic skills necessary, only to have the basic skills that may be the product characteristics as the key to show customers, in order to achieve the effect, let the customer be not of the common sort "willing to pay.

customer’s desire to buy is a prerequisite for the smooth conduct of sales, this is every salesman should know the common sense, arouse the customers desire to buy products to attract customers and selling point, a selling point is the product advantage. Customers only see this product relative to other similar products, will have the desire to buy.

wave is a home appliance salesman once, he learned through a friend, a pre community nursing home to buy a washing machine, and then to sell.

is the Hospital Elder Chen Gao Po reception after the introduction, after listening to high wave clear old Chen said: "we really want to change a few sets of washing machine, but this morning has come three salesman. I’m thinking about buying one. Well, you, like them, leave a business card, and I’ll call you when I think about it."

Gao Bo know, in the face of a few competitors only highlight the advantages of their products in order to allow the other side to choose their own products. It’s hard to say who they would choose if they left only one card.

Gao asked Lao Chen: "you have a washing machine, why do you want to change?"

Chen said: "yes ah, the original washing machine for more than a year now, many elderly, laundry also increased, so I want to buy a few sets."

"washing machine repair time and energy consumption. So, I would like to introduce you to our company’s washing machine, I think it must be very good to help you solve this headache problem." Gao Bo explained.

Chen not letter, shook his head and said: "all the world’s washing machine warranty period is almost a year."

high wave commitment: our company’s washing machine is not the same, the warranty period of three years, and, after three years will be responsible for on-site maintenance, the cost is half the market price. This is the best advantage of our products."

listen to Gao Bo said that Lao Chen is a little mean

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