positive response to the national call, people began public venture, the highly innovative way for entrepreneurs on the road, some enterprises lack of funds, the government can get some preferential policies. In October 12th, a reporter from the Henan Provincial Department of human resources and social understanding, after the first half of 2016 the public business support project reporting and evaluation, Henan Province, the office of human resources and a preliminary assessment of 530 enterprises of public funds to support entrepreneurial projects meet the conditions, decided to provide 28 million 740 thousand yuan of funds to support.

it is understood that the province reported a total of 1122 projects, including the application of the project to declare the following 100 thousand yuan, more than 100 thousand yuan to declare the project of 788 yuan. The declaration of the project involving a total of 292 projects of migrant workers, college students to declare the project 438, laid-off workers to declare the project 283, demobilized soldiers to declare the project 62, other personnel to declare the project 47. Mainly in the information technology services (288), wholesale and retail (191), agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery (156) and processing and manufacturing (146) and other industries in the 18. Among them, the declaration of the project for the 737 enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households of the 276, the farmer professional cooperative organization for the 109.

strong development of enterprises, can not be separated from the strong support of local governments, especially some of the new entrepreneurial projects, such as the birth of a baby need support. This year, the Provincial Department of human resources and social networking project for the first time to achieve public support. In the project evaluation stage, invited 10 national entrepreneurship training division team evaluation, preliminary screening to review the project, 100 thousand yuan of funds to support the project 407, 100 thousand yuan more than 132 projects. In the stage of the respondent, invite 9 public entrepreneurship as a project for the initial evaluation of the judges, more than 100 thousand yuan project, focus on defense projects. After the respondent, the final determination of 89 projects to get $100 thousand, 40 projects to get $150 thousand.

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