"public entrepreneurship, innovation" is the national emphasis and innovation, to mobilize entrepreneurial enthusiasm, we can not ignore the female entrepreneurs. It is the demand of the times and the necessity of the development of the capital to support the venture by means of funds and policies.

to encourage women entrepreneurs to solve the funding problem, the relevant departments of Heilongjiang Province, continue to promote the financial discount women small secured loans, 2015 has a total of 7 billion 520 million yuan loans, more than 160 thousand people to benefit women entrepreneurs.

will support for the implementation of women’s participation in Entrepreneurship and innovation policy in place, in the process of promoting women small loans to implement the policy, the relevant departments to actively communicate and coordinate, effectively solve the problem because of bad credit records of state finance caused by the lag of discount interest funds. In addition, the Heilongjiang provincial women’s Federation also contact the provincial investment Guarantee Corporation, to provide for the female university student entrepreneurs focus of financial credit, clearing the barriers to women’s participation in Entrepreneurship and innovation.

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