How about

, Neoera lattice? In the food and beverage market, has always been a very powerful choice, the quality of the project, to choose to join the Li Neoera lattice? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious. Li Neoera lattice join, whether you have is very exciting?

"Lenore. Young women. YAGE clothing brand positioning in the 20-30 year-old women embody the elegance and sophistication; but the mentality of young and highly perfect unity; a kind of external and content: through the treatment of details, reflect female elegant, romantic temperament; the local embroidery, bead decoration etc.; let the flowers bloom in the the dress with gold or metallic; light beads, show women charming and sexy, with small ornaments, metal chain, fasteners and other means of decoration, reflect the female confident: the production of new imports of fabric and elastic fabric sweater, coat, pants and other clothing to show the modern female implicit in a warm, elegant flash in the enchanting charm. Deeply loved and favored by modern women.

* brand style: fashion, elegance, personality;

* product categories: woven, knitted, woven bag, scarf, shoes and other accessories /


* product mix: Garment 90%, bag / bag / shoe / jewelry 10%;

* fabric positioning: medium and high grade fabrics;

* price positioning: the overall price of 200~980, individual price: 1000~1200, the main price: 300~600,

* in the end price accounted for: 60%; high priced accounted for: 5%; low price: 35%; spring and summer: 200~600, autumn and winter: 300~980,

* age orientation: consumer level age: 20~38 years old, psychological age: 18~30, core consumer appeal layer for 25~35 years old;

* revenue positioning: 3000 yuan / month or more;

* target audience: general white-collar workers, business people, models, SOHO, designers, college students, the pursuit of fashion groups;

* market positioning: B class, C class optimization;

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