despite the country’s policy is very favorable, although there are more and more college students embarked on a smooth road to entrepreneurship. However, for such a special group of college students, if you want to succeed in business, money is still a big problem. In order to further increase efforts to support entrepreneurship, to encourage and support the Changshu Hukou students to start their own businesses, the formal introduction of "Changshou City entrepreneurial space rent subsidies Changshou City day". Qualified college students can get up to 3 consecutive years, an annual rent of $5000 subsidy.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Changshou City college students venue rent subsidy approach, the application of the subsidy for the Changshu household registration within five years of full-time college graduates. Subsidies are divided into two kinds of subsidies outside the park and outside the park, the standard is the highest annual maximum of $5000 and an annual maximum of 3000 yuan. Actual rental costs exceed the highest standards in accordance with the highest standards of subsidies, lower than the subsidy standards, according to the actual cost of rental subsidies.

subsidy period of not more than 3 years of independent business entity registration (identified). In addition, entrepreneurial students apply for rent subsidies, also need to meet the following conditions: the applicant shall in the first venture, and achieved SIYB entrepreneurship training certificate of Changshou City service sector organizations to carry out the required; after January 1, 2015 in obtaining a business license, and operators from the entity or the legal representative office.

is a company or self entity of cooperatives, the subscribed registered capital of not less than 30%; the applicant must apply for social insurance registration and through self entity to pay social insurance for more than half a year; continue normal operation for more than half a year, and pay taxes according to law; in the project in line with national policies and regulations, laws issued by the special industry the need to provide the relevant departments of the business license (or qualification certificate).

meet the above conditions of the college students should first go to the nearest College Business Park (business incubators) or choose entrepreneurship Garden Business (business incubator) for business premises, if unable to provide college business park site, or student enterprise is not suitable for College Business Park (business incubator), only in the outside the park rental housing outside the park for entrepreneurship, subsidies.

so a subsidy policy is that many college students delight? So, when is the time limit for such a policy? It is reported that the normal operation of qualified college students after six months can be directly applied to the Changshou City entrepreneurial guidance center, this approach is valid until December 31, 2018, the approval until the end of December 31, 2019.

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