in recent years, intelligent mobile phone industry change rapidly, product replacement cycle is shorter than ever, 4G strong incoming, domestic mobile phone brand OPPO day before the high-profile announcement will stop the development of online and pin   3G models; sale, reduce channel inventory, a comprehensive restructuring 4G. Cao Jingsheng, vice president of cool also said, cool as early as January this year to stop the development of 3G phones, and more than 80% of the company’s research and development, supply chain, production lines and other key   link to 4G products. It is reported that the ZTE mobile phone schedule, has also been identified to reduce the proportion of 3G phones, focusing on the development of 4G strategy.


4G mobile phone has also been included in the schedule of many domestic manufacturers. ZTE terminal business unit CEO has revealed that this year, ZTE global mobile phone shipments target 60 million, of which 3500  Wan for 4G terminals. ZTE mobile phone to become the first local brand 4G terminal, and ultimately become the world’s leading consumer.

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