now open shop more and more people, only better operations to win popularity, harvest wealth. So shop operators must find ways to improve their popularity. The following Xiaobian teach you how to improve the popularity of Taobao

shop?A beautiful appearance,

had analogy: if you shop seller is a race car, then the shop decoration is the accelerator and lubricant, with the two auxiliary can make your chance to win the game in the competition is greatly improved. Therefore, the decoration work must not be ignored. The most convenient way is to free Taobao University and talk about the experience, there are a lot of very useful posts on the inside, you can go to learn, I believe will help you.

two, its essence to its dregs

here to remind novice buyers, avoid them all style and product categories fusion in a shop. Such buyers will think you are not professional, not to mention the energy is limited, too many goods you have no more time to understand their products and learn new knowledge, we must patiently choose their own store products, and carefully edited content, we must take its essence to its dregs, so as to better to carry out a series of marketing activities for their own store.

For example,

my shop. I will shop located in the consumer: 18-30 young women love fashion, fashion, products with Korean clothing, the price is to go in the low-end market. Around this positioning has carried out a series of publicity and promotional activities, achieved good results.

, seeking truth from facts is very important

when customers receive your products, physical and pictures form a great contrast, the difference in assessment must be inevitable. The buyers now focus on the dynamic evaluation and score combination, when you imagine the difference in assessment full, dynamic score lower, who would like to visit your shop? In the course of time, vicious spiral, then you just close the job. The only real shot pictures is a permanent way.


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