in the business that overbought barrels of oil, the problem broke, so that people can not drink, but if the family bought the press, to use more trouble, but also not economic, so now the fresh oil is very popular, so if a squeezed oil mill, the business will be very good!


"Fresh Juice" is fresh and nutritious, the "fresh peanut oil fried dishes will be particularly tasty? Now, the consumption of edible oil groups tend to brand consumption, but many people do not know the difference between the process.

Edible oil processing

fresh peanut oil 8 yuan a pound of

fresh peanut oil, sesame oil, priced at 8 yuan and 20 yuan, in addition to the finished product, also can bring consumers with their help peanut and sesame processing, processing costs 1 yuan per catty only. This form is mainly for the community "housewives, very careful in reckoning" safe, and cheap.

food stored for a long time will deteriorate and stale, even toxic, peanut oil is even more so, in order to avoid in the production, distribution, sales and other aspects of the backlog may deteriorate, add preservatives is inevitable, and the fresh oil can buy a little less, eat and then pressed to keep fresh. In addition to peanuts, sesame, walnuts, sunflower seed oil can be the scene, in order to adapt to different needs.

2 yuan will be able to open a "virgin oil"

open a "extraction square" shop about 20 thousand yuan investment, including the purchase of machinery, rental housing etc.. More than a dozen square meters of space, a pure physical press, a reception space and merchandise display cabinets, is a can not only sell edible oil but also to provide the service shop.

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