women’s market, has been very hot. Choose to join the women’s market, no doubt, is a very wise choice. RMK dress? Entrepreneurship is a good choice, a good project to start a successful business. The most advantageous choice in 2017. So, what is the condition to join RMK women?

there are three ways to join RMK, respectively: the regional agency, stores and franchise stores.

regional agents: franchisee at least one year experience in the apparel industry management, the initial investment of 30-50 million, at least one store.

store: management experience in garment industry is not restricted, the initial investment in between 10-30 million, the store area of not less than 50 square meters, the position in the larger flow of people in the street shops or shopping malls counters.

franchise: franchisee at least one year of experience in the management of the apparel industry, the initial investment of 100 thousand yuan or more, the franchise area of not less than 50 square meters, the location is not limited.

personal requirements: franchisees need to have a legitimate business qualifications, the women’s clothing industry as their long-term development career, have a certain amount of funds, familiar with the local market and have a certain influence, the company recognized the brand concept, subject to the company’s management system.

RMK store decoration must be in accordance with the company’s unified store image design, including windows, door, shelves, lighting are strict requirements, contract margin of about 1-2 million yuan, each quarter to support 30% of the purchase orders, shipment paid after the remaining payment.

‘s current implementation of RMK free fee policy, in addition to the store decoration headquarters will also provide some support.

combined with classic RMK ladies lady image and modern fashion show, a new era of lady style. RMK with white and pink mainly play color, for the consumer groups are mainly fresh and modern urban white-collar girls on campus. Therefore its spokesperson Sun Li temperament and image style is very consistent with the rmk.

Womens RMK to join the project, if you are a very exciting. So, don’t hesitate, take action! Come and leave a message! Come and join us! Choose to join RMK women’s projects, enjoy the wealth of opportunities!

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