to store the homophonic name in the current seems to have become a very common thing, however, if you want to get more recognition, more public recognition, when in fact we also need homophonic name seriously, so that it can make the name more conform to the standard.

clothing (1) Xinyi (1) meaning "and" really porridge Road (considerate) "," clothing soliciting (Iraq) ", which will use homophonic store signs is not rare, some words slightly modified for having heard it many times, has become a magic weapon to attract the attention of customers’ businesses". But there are people worried about the negative impact of such misleading culture in February 15th, Zhao people reflect, recently in my daughter’s dictation idiom, 10 year old daughter will be reluctant to part "in" Yiyibushe ", let Zhao dumbfounding.

business: the homophonic strategy "

15 day, reporters walking in the streets, everywhere by "homophonic strategy" shop. Only in the Valley Road on the reporter found the "love (on) her", "head of the world (is)" and "incense (phase) about us field", the three is the beauty shop name.

later, the reporter also found the name "clothing clothing in the street (a) Xinyi (1) meaning" "according to clothing (in) cloth (not) homes, snack shop shop name" eyebrow flying tongue (color) Dance "," flying hair barber shop (illegal) wire (private) "the name" art, Manicure (a) shrouded etc..

where a clothing store owner said, the use of Chinese idioms homophonic, one is to highlight the store is doing what, on the other hand, that will store with a combination of idioms more attractive. Some customers may see our shop name is more alternative, we will also think of the clothes to sell more innovative bar." Another clothing store owner said.

citizens: different views

According to

reporter signs homophonic whether there will be adverse effects, interviewed several people. Ms. Han people believe that signs had little influence on children. "It is not just the shop signs, the network language in the aspects of using homophonic this way, children should be able to identify."


16 year old first year in high school, she was very much opposed to sign use homophonic, she argues that the cultural idiom is homophonic to hurt. "Certainly will affect the child literacy, and if foreigners learning Chinese see, thought we filled the streets of typos!"

for businesses painstaking "homophonic strategy", "some people do not buy it". "A special name, can really attract me, but for a long time, mainly to see the quality of the goods and business reputation." Citizen >

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