hot weather, a lot of people on a bad temper, so in fact it is easy to affect the store’s business. In short, the weather is getting hot, many retailers complain that the summer comes so fast, a few days people will deeply appreciate what is called hot. The street of the road in the sun stepped up hot; street trees like a giant sunshade, under the umbrella of the public to bring a poor shade, oneself also suffused with bright green; the whole county of Tanghe is like a huge steamer, people in the city will crash in the casserole "and" dripping with sweat, feel ready to be cooked.

‘s children on Sunday, my friends and I go to 70 miles away in Tanghe county to buy clothes, we in the Shu Xinyuan round and round, did not buy the right clothes. When we go back home, a "Ya famous cigarette retail outlets passing through Wenfeng Road, outside the shop to see so many people around. My friend and I took a close look, and the boss is a customer to tear tear pull together, put a lot of store, drinks, biscuits, instant noodles boxes have been torn down to the ground, some bottle was broken and the flow over the ground.

on the shelves of cigarette and got the Wrigley chewing gum was out of order. After the crowd of friends persuasion, ten minutes later, this fight is finally over. Can the owner or "dudunangnang", the customer is BuSheBuNao, they I sentence you to go to the top of the top things, we also gradually understand the sequence of events.

the customer began to buy gold leaf (dajinyuan) 20 yuan a box of cigarettes, the shopkeeper gave him, and he wants to change to Yellow Crane Tower (hard red) a box of 20 yuan, the owner in accordance with his request for a Yellow Crane Tower (Ying Hong) smoke, he also wants a box of Mengniu milk, customer the election to take indefinite attention, finally the boss said I do not buy, pick and choose, but only results of the customer to buy a bottle of uniform sugar sydney.

this xiazai the Ya owner, he believes the customer into the store is playing him. The shopkeeper muttered: "comrade, you don’t want this, not that, in vain, I ten minutes time, just bought a bottle of 3 yuan / bottle unified sugar Sydney I got to the store, a customer, a look at me don’t go. Like you and the time delay, all the shops do not have to close the door." The customer said, "I want to buy in your shop, I do not want to buy do not buy in your shop, I’m afraid you can’t hold it." The two of them who do not let anyone, earn a burst of, so playing up.

as a retailer, to tell the truth, in the summer, cold drinks, such as beer, popsicles and other many merchandise sales unpopular for us to rejoice, but must pay attention to the hot weather, to stabilize their emotions.

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