90 students entrepreneurial path seems to come earlier, the domestic business environment continues to improve, entrepreneurship policy in China has been improved, so many college students have joined the business in the army.

last month, the Ministry of Education issued "allow harbor" the new deal, the 90 of start-ups a gate. In the "Internet business" and "cross-border restructuring" is becoming the mainstream today, young people is another way to "goose", stem from the seemingly old-fashioned farming. Agricultural College, 90 students Xie Yunhao, "jump" and then return to the "farm gate", to their own professional expertise and rich neighbors together.

20 million acres of new land circulation economic opportunities


"this year raised 2000 tests, 10 moon bar, the dozens of weight is not standard, so continue to keep." With a bamboo pole at geese Xie Yunhao said. Last month, he and his team at the Beijing city college students entrepreneurship design contest first prize trophy. Entrepreneurship first year to achieve profitability, but also one of the reasons to move the judges.

90 students why home goose? Also from this year’s 200 thousand acres of forest land in Beijing. According to the Beijing garden Bureau data, in 2014 the new about 200000 acres of woodland, mainly around the city to vacate the demolition of the existing land, sandy land, waste ponds, towns, corners of South to North Water Diversion Project and other key water source protection area planting. Xie Jia village is located in the South six ring, in the second green belt around the year, his house has more than more than and 400 acres of woodland.

2014 in spring and summer, but also on the second weekend pass by Xie Yunhao forest, see the busy raising forest workers, "so large by manual weeding, the efficiency is not high and the grass waste, there is no way to use it?" Lenovo has just completed the forest under the viability of the report, the young man feasible into action".

10 million small companies settled in science and technology park to learn entrepreneurship two

woodland chicken, duck, why eyeing the geese? Animal medical knowledge Xie learned comes in handy: geese short, strong hypertrophy; forest litter food

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