Xuyi international Lobster Festival officially started in 2001 to create a festival brand. Chinese · Xuyi international Lobster Festival was held by local governments and leading media agencies by the people’s Government of Xuyi County of Jiangsu province with Australia and New Zealand, Sweden and other countries of the International Festival, the 2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival opening soon, invites you to visit!

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival: June 12th (opening) –


2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival feast time: June 13th

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival (the main venue): Jiangsu Huaian city Xuyi Duliang Plaza

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival tickets: announced in early June

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival traffic guide:

Nanjing: Nanjing central bus station bus ride to Xuyi’s car (every 30 minutes, the fare of 40 yuan / person).

Shanghai: Shanghai mass transit station, Shanghai coach bus station and Shanghai bus Shanghai station to take direct Xuyi car (fare about 98-145 yuan / person, depending on the model).

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival activities:

the whole Lobster Festival around the four parts, respectively is: enjoy the taste of life, and life, show elegant life, a product to life.

Supporting the big square performance, 000 Plaza lobster feast and Olympic Star taste Xuyi lobster and other activities during the event



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