face pressure Alexander venture market, part of the conservative white-collar workers will choose to join the venture. One can achieve revenue, on the other hand also for business failure left the retreat. Part time entrepreneurship has its advantages and disadvantages.

to face level, non high level industry does not join. If I was told that I was losing a lot of water, it would be different to open a coffee shop. Some white-collar workers will be able to maintain the face after the opening to traffic, the development potential of the industry, the project investment returns and other issues left behind.

himself as the target consumer group. I eat breakfast is milk sandwiches, so no one will buy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks and Soybean Milk. When a part of the white-collar workers in the choice of the franchisee himself as the target consumer group, argues that the things you buy is selling something, not knowing what the real selling hot from the market to find what should not find from their own.

completely according to their own preferences, choose to join the project. Although love is the basis of successful operation, but in the selection of the project to join only follow their own personal interests is definitely not wise.

two mistakes: franchise management "simply"

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