a lot of young people have a lot of questions about innovation and entrepreneurship education to ask, therefore, vice minister Lin Huiqing came to talk with friends face to face innovation and entrepreneurship education. Let us take a look at the views of netizens and vice minister Lin Huiqing answer!

in 1 hours of interviews, the paper puts forward more than 1 thousand and 100 questions topic page reading reached 4 million 850 thousand. Lin Huiqing answered questions from 14 users, involving innovative entrepreneurship courses, flexible educational system, teachers and other issues.

will make clear of the flexible educational system and School of entrepreneurship

netizens pointed out: "the reform and innovation of entrepreneurship education is to encourage students to quit school to start." Lin Huiqing said that last year, the State Council issued a document on innovation and entrepreneurship education reform top-level design. This is a student oriented, through training and education reform the whole process of all the teachers and focusing on the change of the educational idea, teaching methods reform, cooperative education forward, the fundamental purpose is to improve the teaching level, enhance students’ innovative spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness and innovation ability, create new entrepreneurship, innovation mass.

"for college students to drop out business, the Ministry of education has no unified regulations?" Users thinking big f raised this issue is widely concerned about. Lin Huiqing said, the state has proposed the implementation of flexible educational system, broaden students age, allowing adjustment of academic process, retain the school school of innovation and entrepreneurship".

"Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition in October


"last year" Internet plus "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition this year is very popular, do you?" Some netizens raised a question that we are very concerned about.

"continue to do." Lin Huiqing answered in 3 words. She disclosed that the Ministry of education has launched the second China "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition preparatory work, will continue to use the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals of the provincial "three system" plan, the National Finals held in Hubei in October. The Ministry of education will put this event into an important carrier of deepening the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform and a well-known brand, spread innovation culture, welcome students to participate.

will recommend this year

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