although some people have the intention to start a business, but do not know what kind of business they fit in, in the end can determine what direction. In fact, if you want to determine the direction of their own business, which is also a way to pay attention to. So, what are the methods of choosing the direction of entrepreneurship? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to a comprehensive.

1, familiar with. If you love computer, to study the virus, then you have to hold high the "anti drug king" banner, door-to-door service antivirus, anti-virus, OK? Beijing Forestry University, the doctor of the army, the organization of students to the school of agriculture, forestry technology to promote their own home. Resources and markets are familiar to the students.

2, obvious advantages. For example, you have a certain expertise, or a professional knowledge of a certain group of useful, then engaged in this service or training. If you are on the Internet attainments, it would be a website, select a certain industry, collect and publish useful information, for the industry of small and medium-sized enterprises sales, publishing information for them.

3, strong interest. If you can combine the interests of entrepreneurial goals, it will be very lucky, it is happy to start a business, happy life. If you are interested in the art of thinking, you can engage in a professional studio, engaged in home decoration design, and decoration company or engineering team, tailored for customers.

4, don’t spend money. I found someone willing to buy time. Many important people have this kind of demand. Time is short, tight Commodity City, which express. Express business can not expand it? Extend to all areas that save time for others. For example generation shopping, access etc..

5, the starting point is very low. You have the ability to advertising creative, you can engage in an independent studio. For example, the design of public interest and the company’s goal of combining advertising, posted to the toilet in Beijing. Acceptance of the enterprise, of course, pay. Don’t laugh, it’s not easy to do it well.

6, with the help of. With a good wind. With the help of the achievements of human civilization and social resources, to achieve the purpose of low-cost smooth start. Such as the entrepreneurs must hardware can lease, borrow the nest eggs, terminal program directly into the product development process, directly to consumers to test your product. Another delegate. The production of the product to others, they only provide standards, inspection, not involved in product manufacturing related management, reduce investment risk and investment costs.

7, easy to join. Join with existing resources. The famous multinational companies, glittering famous enterprises…… If entrepreneurs have certain advantages, they can seek their own resources related to each other’s strengths complement each other. By contract

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