campus net loan after the incident was exposed out is really shocking people, many families have such net loan because under a very heavy pressure owing on the loan. Also, since this year, nude "IOU" risk events such as the campus net loan to chaos under supervision, in the teeth of the storm, heavy regulation.

8 24, "Interim Measures" in the conference activities management information network lending agency, the CBRC inclusive financial net loan department director Xu Xiaozheng said that the CBRC carried out preliminary investigation on campus net loan.

from the CBRC thoroughly the situation, form of campus net loan is diverse, and it is not only a P2P platform in the campus net loan, there are many properties of the platform, including staging platform and traditional business platform are doing.

relates to "chaos" part, Xu Xiaozheng said, "in fact is in line with the P2P line under the name of publicity, the use of its own funds directly to do some luxury goods consumer service college. The violence also includes collection, usury trap, excessive publicity."

in this regard, the CBRC on the campus net loan raised five word policy stop, move, whole, teach, cited".

specifically, "stop" is a classification for the disposal of thoughts and ideas, such as huge collection of this illegal act, to suspend the business of new campus net loan ";" the whole "is for the existing campus net lending business to carry out rectification, including increasing the cognizance of the borrower the qualification, including increased second source of repayment, the implementation of some relative risk prevention and control measures;" shift "is also involved in illegal behavior, but also should be transferred to the corresponding departments in accordance with the relevant regulations;" teaching, "is to strengthen the education and guidance, and guide students to increase the cultivation of rational consumption concept, to regulate the whole the campus net loan behavior.

earlier, in April this year, the CBRC and the Ministry of Education jointly issued a "strengthening campus unhealthy network lending risk prevention and education to guide the work of the notice", the bad platform were the norm, while strengthening the whole system of education to guide the work of College students.

the "notice" requirement of publicity, finance, local government financial supervision departments, and pay close attention to the local banking regulatory bureau network lending business development situation in the campus, the local finance office (bureau) to carry out close tracking of false publicity or promotional activities, one-sided error derived by people or the borrower’s behavior on the network credit information agency real time, and the establishment of early warning mechanism of campus unhealthy lending network.

campus net loan "wantonly", so many students have been living a very serious impact, more importantly, because of the nonstandard management, all kinds of illegal things.

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