in China’s colleges and universities, set off a common upsurge of innovation and entrepreneurship education, college students will receive a new entrepreneurial training, in order to grow into more suitable for market demand for high-quality talent.

to create a good campus cultural atmosphere of innovation, further cultivate students pioneering consciousness and enhance the practical ability of enterprise, our institute held the first "entrepreneurial training camp". Activities carried out in our hospital Guan campus in January 9, 2016 to 13, deputy director of the Gongban Zhang Jianning speech at the opening ceremony for the camp flag, a total of 40 students enrolled in the entrepreneurial training camp.

Although the

students hit off is an important new force of China’s innovation and entrepreneurial team. Entrepreneurial training camp in small and short form among college students lit a star entrepreneurial spark, we believe that this will ignite the sparks of fire fiery entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promote more college students to participate in the business.

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