it is well known that the market competition, the pressure is more and more big, the good work is less and less, the university student starts a business the phenomenon to be more and more many, more and more university students join in the entrepreneurial team. College students entrepreneurship, how to accumulate financial venture capital? May wish to understand!

22 year old Yang is a junior student in a University of Beijing Department of accounting, fixed monthly income of 1200 yuan, go out to do family income of 1000 yuan, business shop monthly income of 200 yuan, parents will time to give 600 yuan living expenses. Xiao Yang live frugally, saved 20 thousand yuan deposits. Monthly expenses including meals 240 yuan per month, mobile phone fee of $50 per month, transportation costs of $50 per month, the purchase of newspapers and books monthly 20 yuan, the purchase of clothing and other unexpected expenses of $100 per month, the monthly balance of $1340. Yang thought of graduating from college, able to save up to 50 thousand yuan and students together. Would like to ask experts advice, how to achieve their goals of financial management.

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