pasta in the catering industry investment has always been a popular project, and the most common pasta noodles as the franchise brand, is quite favored by investors, recently a Allee ketchup face to join the project more fire, many investors are more concerned about the problem of the joining fee, then Xiaobian this we make the following brief introduction.

It is understood,

, joined the ketchup face fee is 100 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan investment in the store. The A Li brand was born in 2001, officially launched in 2005 with A Li as the face of series of products, with the well-known brand, its brand awareness and honor degree in increasing in the whole province of Henan has opened a lot of A Li ketchup face food shop, and shop business is hot


, ketchup face join conditions

a, personal requirements

1, Ali brand management concept, people agree with the risk consciousness, entrepreneurship;

2, good communication and coordination ability;

3, to ensure the maintenance, brand reputation and ketchup face image;

4, recognized and accepted, with surface headquarters franchise management will and determination of the


5, joined the cooperative staff to participate in pre training, master the basic skills required for the normal operation of the store, and through the training of qualified assessment standards;

6, franchisees need to pay the relevant fees in accordance with the contract.

two, funding requirements

has sufficient start-up capital and operating capital (400 thousand).

three, store requirements

1, with business listings, listing the use of contract length not less than five years (or can be renewed for five years or more);

2, meet the requirements, shop location, ketchup face food store area: 100 – 250 square meters.

four, join regional requirements

1. Henan and neighboring provinces and cities in the prefecture level cities can accept the application for admission.

2. Zhengzhou, as well as the provincial capital of the same level does not accept the application for the direct market.

3. Beijing, Shanghai and other municipalities directly under the central government, economy >

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